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Breast cancer detection
Client: Real Imaging



Real Imager 8 (RI8) is a Breast cancer detection device designed for the comfort and pleasant of both patient and technician.

RI8 provides a no touch, no radiation and woman-friendly procedure to determine breast health through the acquisition and analysis of a 3D imaging biomarkers.

RI8 does not involve any compression of the breast, contributing to increased compliance. The exam is as simple as sitting on a chair and having your picture taken.



In the design process I had to face many challenges.

First, the look and feel of the device , we wanted the device to look not-intimidating but friendly and pleasant and yet also very professional and medical.

The outcome is a white rounded device "hugging" the patient, with a touch of Radiant Orchid which symbolize women power.

The device was decorated with schematic flowers representing health.


The biggest challenge I had regarding ergonomic issues, was the position of the technician screen.

the technician has to look both at her screen and the patient.

Prepositioning the screen in the middle, was no option because it will interrupt her view to the patient, putting it lower, would make her look down in a way that hurts her neck.

Prepositioning the screen and the technician on the side, appeared to harm the procedure because it made the patients turn their body to the technician instead the cameras.

The solution was to place the technician in the middle and the screen by her side in an angle provides her to look both at the screen and the patient with minimal repetitive movements.


Another challenged I had to face was the patient compliance and cooperate, during the procedure, the patient has to follow the technician instructions, we decided to empower the patient by placing a screen informing her about her progression during the examination process.

This way the patient won't feel helpless and her anxiety would decrease




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