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Vertical Home Gardening


Harmony , is a hydroponic growing system, designed to grow a variety of :Fruits, vegetables, flowers, spices & herbs.


Our goal was to create an easy-to-use, low cost product which can be accessible for a wide variety of users.


Unlike other hydroponic systems, Harmony is designed and manufactured as one piece.

This simplified the assembly of the product which can now be bought as a DIY product, unlike other systems which require a professional installation team.

Furthermore, having a one piece product, prevent leaking and dirt.


The chosen manufacturing method, rotation, provides a low cost, more affordable product.


The Advantages of Harmony (compared with soil farming )


•Save up to 90% of the land

Utilization of the vertical dimension enables 20 plants to grow on a tiny area of 60 square cm

•Save up to 80% of the water

The plants are watered &fertilized, via an embedded irrigation mechanism, constantly recycling the water in a closed loop


•Now everyone can grow anywhere

Even if they live in an urban area with no garden


•Grow and eat healthier food

Minimal to zero use of pesticides . Soil pests are not a problem anymore


•High throughput farming

Many plant species provide higher quality and quantity yield,

once grown as hydroponics


•An easy growing method, perfect for handicaps/people with special needs

No hard physical labor is required



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